Best investment, sponsoring a humanitarian project

Best investment, sponsoring a humanitarian project, as off 100.000 Euro, trading bank obligations, rated investment grade, A+ or better as per Standard & Poor's (S&P), highest  security, highest liquidity, best ROI and fast availability of funds invested





On this website, I present the best investment under all aspects. The best investment takes place in the money market, also referred to as the interbank market. Therein fundamental criteria are the highest security, highest liquidity, best return on investment and swift availability of funds. But on this website, the term best investment represents something far beyond these criteria of being a save, liquid and profitable investment. Merely with her/his/it's participation in best investment any investor sponsors - without contributing financially - the realisation of socially responsible investment. That comprises the promotion of a regional medical centre, including and annexed to it a humanitarian project. Repeatedly and expressly said, this project will not be at the financial expense of any investor, participating in the best investment. The best investment is not only financially very beneficial for investors. But, as mentioned above, with investors participating in the best investment they stimulate, pave and facilitate the way for a team to realise a conceptually new regional medical centre, including a humanitarian project, annexed to it. The medical centre will run combined on modern occidental medicine and traditional oriental medicine. The humanitarian project consists of an orthopaedic hospital, envisaged to appease the suffering and facilitate living circumstances of many of the Palestinian population, living in refugee camps since generations in this specific region. 


The medical centre will provide a full range of state-of-the-art medical services to the local populace and through the humanitarian hospital serve especially the individuals with the most vital needs. Also to it, the medical centre will be equipped with the latest developed and field tested medical equipment. Furthermore, at this medical centre medicines will be custom made to the specific DNA and needs of the individual human being. This concept of holistic medicine is deeply rooted in traditional oriental medicine. Here from a sheer, endless amount of individuals will benefit, as these services of holistic medicine are not available in the region and rarely anywhere else. For individuals interested herein, more particulars to this medical centre including a humanitarian project, here an orthopaedic hospital


As to the best investment possibility, I know the ins and outs. I accompanied lots of clientèle in best investment in Switzerland. Further details are outlined herein below on this page. And more to it, I had to manage and control the minimum amount of funds, requested in the best investment deal.


Now, criteria for best investment participations are in general identified with:


highest security, here by bank security,

highest liquidity,

the best Return on Investment (ROI) and

swift availability of funds, and last not least a

socially responsible investment, including a humanitarian project


All of these criteria apply to this best investment opportunity. I recommend for you to review in detail the few pages of this website. For further information, please contact me at the coordinates, outlined herein below under "Contact". Remaining,


Respectfully yours,

Jeannot Guillaume Heiderscheid


Best investment, more thereabout

Following more about best investment, that ranks among the best investments in the industry. It trades exclusively in and  restricts to "investment grade" bank obligations of A+ or better as per Standard & Poors (S&P). Trading takes place in the money market. It is not propagated, but limited and recommended to a tiny circle only. A particular way to preserve and to create more wealth. To my understanding from personal experience, the "non plus ultra" of an investment. That applies to all criteria of highest security, highest liquiditybest return on investment (ROI), as well as the swift availability of funds under my business model.


To make the best investment accessible to High Net Worth individuaIs (HNWI), I developed a particular business model. Thereunder I permit investors participation with amounts as off 100.000 Euro. Thereby some investors are joined under a here fore newly formed single purpose vehicle (a juridical body, e.g. an off-shore company). The goal is to generate a total amount of 10'000'000 € (ten million Euro). All business activities and proceedings in best investment remain under the supervision of a large trust firm. This trust firm is specifically and irrevocably manadated here fore and the term of one full year. Under this business model the total amount, as aforementioned of 10'000'000 € (ten million Euro), is put under precisely defined parameters AND AS PER THE INSTRUCTION LETTERS OF ALL PARTICIPATING INVESTORS AND THE SUPERVISION OF THE TRUST FIRM at the disposition of a trader in money market. Trading is restricted to "investment grade" bank obligations only. As mentioned above, the criteria of the money market is highest security, highest liquidity, best return on investment (ROI) and fast availability of funds. This is described in detail hereinbelow. Funds are available at all times in cash. Only during trades they are invested by the hour in a "investment grade" bank obligation


With regards as to the "non plus ultra" mentioned above, I draw a parallel from this best investment to the image shown hereinafter. That is the Hubble Space Telescope Extreme Deep Field Image. The deepest view into the Universe ever. Here fore this picture, a special site - i.e. a sheer empty spot where very few stars in the foreground (in our galaxy, the Milky Way) were present - was chosen in the southern hemisphere. Thus, there were very little stars to hinder the telescope's deep peering into space. The scientifics did not know what to expect, if anything at all, in the resulting image. They were speechless with the result. In this image are an estimated 5'500 galaxies and the area represents 1/28'000'000 (one twenty-eighth of a million) of the total area of the sky only, as seen from earth. These figures implicate everything being possible in the Universe. It is worth to look at an enlarged version of the image to see greater detail and more distant and faint objects. Here fore click on the image.


The Hubble extreme deep field image

A brief video, as to how the above image was taken by the Hubble Space Telescope. Please take a look at the following short video. This is NOT science-fiction, BUT reality. The video shows us, as to how the Hubble Extreme Deep Field Image was taken by the Hubble Space Telescope. As a note thereto, it should be said: "You will experience a journey of about 13 1/2 billion light years (in figures: 13'500'000'000 light years) distance into space and back in time".


For everybody's good understanding in brief hereto. A light year is the distance that light travels in the time period of one year at a speed of roughly 300'000 Km per second. In a period of time of one year light travels thus about 9'460'000'000'000 Km. This is the distance light travels in ONE year. And the image above was taken at a distance from us (earth) of about 13'500'000'000 (light) years. And "back in time" is to be understood as follows. The light of the many galaxies in the image above took 13 1-2 billion years at the speed of light to come into view of the Hubble Space Telescope, so, our present day view. Thus, the light in the image above shows us, as to how these galaxies looked-like, as to they were 13 1-2 billion years ago, thus, in the past. 


In consideration of the now, by science, widely accepted "Big Bang" theory (the current model of how the Universe formed), which took place some, estimated, 13.9 billion years ago, it should be said. The image above shows us, as to how that fraction of the universe, which represents 1/28'000'000 of the total visible sky from earth, looked like, approximately - AND AS PER THE THEORY MENTIONED BEFORE - 400 million years AFTER the "Big Bang". Of special interest for science in that image are the red shifted objects, because these are the oldest objects. Yes, the longer period of time and thus the farthest distance light travels, it turns to redshift. These red objects show and give science lots of information about the early (young) stages of galaxies. This is in particular of interest, when compared to younger images of galaxies, e.g. only 7 or 5 billion years ago.


The site chosen for the Hubble Extreme Deep Field Image, was a sheer empty spot in the southern hemispere with very few stars in the foreground, meaning stars in our own galaxy (the Milky Way) and the close vicinity thereof. Thus, there were no disturbances, hindering the view of the Hubble Space Telescope. Nobody of the team of astro-physicians had any clue, as to what to expect, if then ....... anything at all. And the outcome of the image is just breathtaking, far beyond anybody's imagination. The result of what the video shows us, is - what appears to be - a sheer endless creation. 

Download video: MP4 format

In the money market - though in no way comparable to the universe - very much is nevertheless possible. Sheer impossibly profitable - and swift and simple - deals, done among the banks themselves. But a best investment within the money market is the "non plus ultra" in investments. This, with respect as to highest security, highest liquidity, return on investment (RoI) and fast availability of funds. More thereto, as describe hereinafter following best investment, particulars.


In principle a best investment deal in the money market is accessible as off 25'000'000 € (twenty-five million Euros) or more. That is due to the market being purely institutional and part of the interbank transactions. Though there is a number of traders, that accept amounts of 10'000'000 € (ten million Euros) to enter a best investment deal. I have contact to a few of these on the grounds of my experience. Under my business model, presented here, I offer High Net Worth Individuals (HNWI) the possibility to participate in the best investment. This, as off 100'000 € (one hundred thousand Euros) or more. This amount renders the proposal highest liquidity. All moneys hereunder are for the term hereof at all times available in cash. Only during trades funds are invested by the hour in a bank obligation, as described above and herein below following. The term of best investment is of one year.


Here fore I elaborated the particular business model. This is done in co-operation with a big trust firm. Particulars to the trust firm you find here, also here and more here. The deposit and operating bank is instructed to oversee, that funds on deposit cannot be diminished or reduced. This is ascertained by a Letter of Instructions, issued by each investor, participating in best investment, direction to the deposit and operating bank. This emphasises the aspects of highest security and highest liquidity. As such, the moneys are at all times during the term of the best investment available in cash. A fast availability of funds is assured therewith fast availability of funds. Trading profits are exceptionally, as described here and here. Otherwise traders simply refrain from doing the deals. That ascertains best return on investment (ROI).

Best investment, General

Best inveatment deals take place in the money market. Therein exclusively big commercial banks, rated A+ or better, as per Standard & Poors are admitted. And of course central banks. Plus a few parent or holding companies of large industrial corporations and some big investment banks. The money market is also referred to as the interbank-market. Therein these banks handle - among a variety, as cited here - also the trading of these "investment grade" bank obligations in best investment deals. The issuing banks of these obligations are exclusively of european origin. In the public's interests they are all rated as "too big to fail". In plain terms this means, none of these banks will ever be allowed to go bust or bankrupt. To the general public, including the banks' staff, the money market is secretive and thus in ignorance. Moreover this applies also close to all of the bank managers and directors. No reports or news besides a few selected ones come forth of or about the money market, neither within the banks, nor in the public. The money market is exclusively reserved to central banks and big commercial banks. Adding thereto are a handful of big investment banks and as well parent companies (i.e. holding companies, finance corporations) of big industrial corporations. Normal investors are in general excluded therein. Exceptions thereto. The possibility of trading money market instruments in one's proper name. Due to the institutional amounts of paper being traded in the money market, the access therein is reserved to a few big investors with "deep pockets" only. Then, there exists also the possibility for investors to engage and take part in best investment deals, as described on this website. Lastly  there remain  short  term  placements as off 25.000 € or more for normal investors, which are done by their house bankers. On these placements slightly higher interest revenues, as elsewhere, are paid. The advantages of these placements in the money market are highest security and highest liquidity, which result in a fast availability of funds when withdrawal is requested. Plus best return on investment for short term fixed income placements. Worth reading hereto, as an introduction to the money market, are the two dissertations on this website, Money Market by Dr. Otto Schreiber and Money Market by Attorney-at-law, Esquire S.M. from Munich. 

Best investment, comparison with other investments

All money and or capital investments are widely known by their type, security, term, interest, yield, return on investment etc. When not, one may, as an interested party, search and find or inquire and get to know these particulars. Not so by any means what concerns all dealing, and notably best investment deals, in the money market. Best investment, particulars thereto are described hereinafter below following. In direct comparison to money or capital investments, best investment deals score on the whole line. This applies to all criteria of highest security, highest liquidity, best return on investment (ROI) and fast availability of funds. With regards as to Return on Investment (ROI), a note thereto. In the money market ongoing revenues are generated by trading profits of money market instruments and derivatives. Return on Investment (ROI) of whichever kind and of whatever capital and or money investments is not comparable herewith. These are two different worlds. This is well described in the two dissertations, Money market by Mr. Otto Simon Schreiber, Dr. rer. oec., as well as Money market by Attorney-at-Law, Esquire S.M.

Best investment, particulars

Best investment deals are part of and take place in the money market. All deals in best investments are restricted to trading bank obligations exclusively. These bank obligations are all newly issued “investment gradebank obligations, issued only by European banks, rated A+ or better, as defined by “Standard & Poors”. As the money market is part of the interbank transactions, it is purely institutional and thus, trading volumes are accordingly. I, personally, have access to these best investment deals as of an amount of ten million Euros (€ 10'000'000). To make these best investment deals accessible to a broader spectrum of investors, i.e. High Net Worth Individuals, I created a specific business model, described thereunder. Under this business model  investors are welcome to participate with amounts as off 100'000 € (one hundred thousand Euros) or more. More, than this amount, in increments of each 50'000 € (fifty thousand Euros). Best investment deals run over a term of one year. To make this business model feasible at all, I chose a big trust firm, that is appointed and instructed under a non cancellable mandate. Thereunder the trust firm accompanies, supervises and controls all proceedings. This, as of the beginning with the contract ratification till the end and reimbursement of the individual money amounts to those individuals and bank accounts from where they came originally. Again for interested individuals, here the business model is described. 


All moneys brought into these best investment deals must be of own resources of the individual investors. Furthermore, funds must be unencumbered, free of any rights of third parties, no loans, credits or alike. Funds are not foreign exchanged in these best investment deals. Funds remain in cash at all times and are invested by the hour only in bank obligations, as described herein, during trades. Deposit accounts are non-depletion accounts under the supervision of the deposit and operating bank, as well as the trust firm. These deposit accounts are all accounts with two (2) signatures. One of these signatories is an appointed trust officer from the trust firm. The other signatory is Mr. Jeannot G. HEIDERSCHEID. This way ensures, that no funds can be misused or withdrawn from these accounts without the knowledge and consent of the trust firm. As described herein, the criteria of highest security of best investments is appropriate.


Revenues from trading profits are disbursed monthly in arrears. Revenues over the term of one year are in general exceptionally high, outlined here. Also revenues are credited in a bank account with two signatories, identical to the deposit account, described in the paragraph, preceeding this one. An example, as to how these trading profits are generated, is described in the Money  market by Mr. SM, Esquire. With best investment deals investors score undreamed of best Returns on Investment (RoI) on their moneys. Moreover - as studies show -  wealthy and very wealthy individuals realize, at least with part of their revenues on investments, their social impact in their region, era or town. This brings them much more social bonding compared as to mere esteem from their wealth in their community.


A big trust firm accompanies these best investments as off their beginning till their end. The trust firm exists since more than 60 years. It employs over 2'500 employees worldwide through 41 offices in 30 countries. 70% of the top 10 “Fortune Global 500”, 44% of the Top 50 of the "Fortune Global 500" and 70% of the top 50 “Private Equity International 300” are clients of this trust firm. Also the mandate to the trust firm underscores again the criteria of best investments' highest security, highest liquidity, best return on investment (ROI) and fast availability of funds. Emphasising highest security,  the employment of this trust firm assures, that funds are not misused in part or in whole, neither, that losses in part or in whole incur for whatsoever reason.

Highest security

Best investment deals are operated in the money market. This is part of the interbank transactions. At source these (transactions) are already conceived to highest security and to a maximum degree against erroneous handling. The institutions permitted to engage in the money market are all big commercial banks with a rating of A+ or better, as per Standard & Poors, and the respective central banks. In Addition thereto a few parent companies of large industrial corporations & investment banks. The aforementioned big commercial banks are also the issuers of the newly issued investment grade bank obligations, traded herein. Funds, that are engaged in best investment deals are scrutinized meticulously as to their proper legal origins. This is in particular so, as none of these big banks wants to be trapped in making use of funds, that are not clean and cleared and in the aftermath be in all public media. None of these banks, nor all other banks, wants this kind of publicity, especially not in these days. As indicated under paragraph best investment in particular, funds remain in cash in these best investment deals. Only during trades they are invested by the hour in bank obligations, as described above. Under the supervision of the deposit and operating bank account balances cannot be diminished (non-depletion accounts). Each individual investor, who participates in best inbestment deals instructs the deposit & operating bank accordingly in writing. Therewith wealth preservation is ascertained to highest security by bank security in these best investment deals.

Highest liquidity

As described under English - Best investment and here, funds of investors remain in cash at all times. Only during trades they are invested by the hour in investment grade bank obligations. The issuing institutions of these bank obligations have all a credit rating of A+ or better, as per Standard & Poors. They are all internationally renown leading commercial banks. Further therero, all of these banks are exclusively of European origin. All of the issuing institutions are, as commonly said, "too big to fail". The bank obligations, traded herein, are of big demand with institutional investors in the resale market. Plus, the money market is known to be of highest security and highest liquidity of all markets. Thus, a fast availability of funds, invested in best investment deals, is assured. Best investment deals benefit of highest liquidity of all markets.

Best Return on Investment (ROI)

A detailed example, as to how trading profits are generated, is referred to in the Money market by Attorney-of-Law Esquire S.M. from Munich. No other investment yields revenues - here from trading - like the ones generated permanently in all areas of the money market. I refer to my personal experience whereby I introduced many investors to best investment deals in Switzerland. On the grounds of the fees paid to me, funds of these investors had far more than doubled over the term of one year. Further thereto, one has to bear in mind, that the share of trading profits, paid to investors, is only half of the total profits. It is known, that the trading desks and their management team withhold half of the total profits. Adding both parts together, this is definitely the best Return on Investment (RoI) in the investment industry. In addition thereto no other investment opportunity benefits to this extend of highest security  and highest liquidity as well as fast availability of funds, as these best investment deals.

Fast Availability of Funds

All over the world the money market, as part of the interbank transactions, is known to benefit of highest liquidity. This ensures fast availability of funds, invested therein. Nevertheless investors, that wish to engage in best investment deals, shall be conscious of and commit their funds for a term of one full year. Only in case of an absolute emergency, investors are permitted to cancel their investments and request the repayment of their funds. This must be done in writing and will be permitted only three months or more after investors engaged into a best investment deal. In such event, funds invested will be repaid exclusively to the bank and bank account from where funds were received originally. This repayment will be done within two weeks in general after receipt of such cancellation notice of participation and demand for repayment.