Medical centre including humanitarian project

My idea is to bring  the best of medicine and medical services to the humans versus them flying throughout the world and seeking same. As for the region I chose Jordan in the Middle East. I chose Jordan for it's excellent climate and it's medical community, that accomplished pioneering work in medical research amd surgery in the region. In addition thereto the good geographical location of Jordan. Interested parties may view a first draft to this medical centre on the left hereto. By clicking on the image an enlarged view thereof in greater detail may be examined. For the humanitarian project I wish to snap-up one of the existing hospitals. This has the advantage, that it is well known to the public and facilitates visiting same by public transportation systems.

The medical centre

My concept to this medical centre in addition to briing the medical services to the region is to combine oriental with occidental medecine. Thereby merge the best of both, ancient Oriental knowledge and wisdom with the most advanced Occidental medical services, technical equipment and medicine. Oriental medecine does not include TCM only, but especially also Ayurveda. Ayurvedic medicinal practices date back to more than five thousand years before present era.

Visit of Baqa'a refugee camp

During one of my many visits to Jordan, I was invited by a group of medical doctors to join them. They visited each week Palestinian refugee camps, among them also Baqa'a, the largest of them. People in need there obtained health care services and medecines from these doctors. I witnessed both, environmental  and health issues beyond imagination. Just to mention, every fourth human being is seriously physically handicapped.

Humanitarian project

At once during this visit of Baqa'a camp I thought to create a humanitarian project. I wanted to help these humans in desparate needs - at least for live's minimum - with medical services and medecines. It lies at hand to annex this project to the medical centre. Since the latter is to be a full-fledged complex with all types of clinics, services could be well combined with the humanirian project. Through my concept all these medical services and medecines would be (1) at no charge to the people in need and (2) born by the medical centre.