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as off 100.000 Euro trading investment grade bank obligations, highest security, highest liquidity, best ROI, fast availability of funds,





here I present (here more about me) one of the best investments at all. To ascertain this, I have done my homework. At some point in time I wanted to have verification about what we talk. And I obtained personal verification. Though, here fore I had to invest substantially, both time and money, described in more detail here. And more thereto, I had to manage and control the minimum amount of moneys requested in best investments, referenced here.


Now, criteria for best investments are in general identified with:


highest security,

highest liquidity,

best Return on Investment (ROI) and

fast availability of funds.


All of these criteria apply to this best investment opportunity. I recommend for you to review in detail all pages of this site. When interested thereafter, you may contact me here. Remaining,


Yours respectfully,


Jeannot Guillaume Heiderscheid


Best investment, more thereabout ...

Hereinafter more about this possibility, that defenitely ranks among the best investments in the industry. It trades exclusively in and is restricted to investment grade bank obligations of A+ or better as per Standard & Poors (S&P). Trading takes place in the money market. It is not propagated, limited and recommended to a tiny circle only. A particular way to preserve wealth and to create wealth. To my understanding from personal experience, the "non plus ultra" of an investment. That applies to all criteria of security, liquidity, RoI as well as fast availability of funds under this business model.


To make this best investment accessible to High Net Worth IndividuaIs (HNWI), I developed a particular business model, which is described here. Thereunder I permit investors a participation with amounts as off 100.000 Euro. Thereby a number of investors is grouped together under a here fore newly formed single purpose vehicle. The goal is to generate a total amount of 10 million Euro. All business activities and the whole proceeding are done in cooperation with and under the supervision of a large trust firm. Under this business model the total amount is put under defined parameters at the disposition of a trader. Trading is restricted to investment grade bank obligations only. As mentioned above, the criteria of the money market are highest security, highest liquidity, best ROI and fast availability of funds. This is described in detail here and here. Funds are available at all times in cash. Only during trades they are invested by the hour in an investment grade bank obligation


With regards as to the "non plus ultra" mentioned above, I draw a parallel from this best investment to the image shown hereinafter below. That is the Hubble Space Telescope Extreme Deep Field Image. The deepest view into the Universe ever. In this image there are an estimated 5'500 galaxies and the area represents 1/28'000'000 of the total area of the sky. These figures implicate for in the Universe everything being possible.


In the money market - though in no way comparable to the universe - very much is nevertheless possible. But a best investment within the money market is the "non plus ultra" in investments. This, with respect as to highest security, highest liquidity, best ROI and fast availability of funds. More thereto on this and the following pages.

In principle a best investment in the money market is accessible as off 25 million Euros or more. That is due to the market being purely institutional and part of the interbank transactions. Though there is a number of traders, that accept amounts of 10 million Euros to enter a best investment deal. I have contact to a few of these on the grounds of my experience. Under my business model, presented here, I offer High Net Worth Individuals the possibility to participate in the best investment. This, as off one hundred thousand Euros (€100'000) or more. That amount renders the proposal highest liquidity. All moneys hereunder are for the term hereof at all times available in cash. Only during trades funds are invested by the hour in a bank obligation, as described above and here. The term of the best investment is of one year.


Here fore I elaborated the particular business model. This is done in co-operation with a big trust firm. Particulars to the trust firm you find here, also here and more here. The deposit and operating bank is instructed to oversee, that funds on deposit cannot be reduced. This emphasises the aspects of highest security and highest liquidity. As such, the moneys are at all times during this best investment available in cash. Trading profits are exceptional, as described here and here. Otherwise traders simply refrain from doing the deals. That ascertains best ROI.